Arroyo Creek Half Marathon Race Number 10 Recap

I think that I am still suffering from runners high!! I am still in amazement as to the amazing day that I had yesterday at the Arroyo Creek Half Marathon. From the moment I woke up I knew that it was going to be a great day!!

Did you spot this frog during the race?

The race started at Rancho Simi Park and ran along the Arroyo bike path, which was along side Arroyo Creek filled with ducks and cranes enjoying the beautiful summer day. This was one of the most serene and tranquil races that I have ever participated in. At times it felt as though it was just me and nature running this race. I even was able to spot the Arroyo Creek frog mascot.  I am not sure if I have admitted this previously, though I am proud that I have completed each race, I have not been proud of my completion times as I felt that since I got sick this winter I have digressed rather than progressed with my pace. That all changed yesterday when I crossed the finish line in under 2 hours 49 minutes. That was start of yesterdays running high.

I did it!! Check Race 10 off my list!!

Following breakfast at Brent’s deli and exploring Westlake Village, I headed over to the Lululemon in Calabasas. For those not aware of Lululemon it is heaven on earth for both female and male runners. Mind you I am a walking Lululemon advertisement from head to toe. I can’t go on a run without wearing my favorite Lulelemon socks, running capris or a skirt, they are seriously the best pants and skirts as they have zip back pockets. I was immediately greeted by happy and peppy Lululemon clad women who quickly congratulated and praised me on completing my half marathon earlier in the day. One thing lead to another and we started talking about goal setting, 13 Going on Crazy, and specifically my goal of completing 13 half marathons in 13 months.

After trying on numerous cute tanks and skirts I decided upon 2 skirts. When I went to the register the super nice Lululemon ladies, Sabrina and Samantha had an ear to ear smile and told me that they wanted to give me a skirt as a present as they were inspired and motivated by my goal. I was stunned by the generosity of these ladies and Lululemon. After profusely thanking them their response was, we are so inspired by your story that we wanted to give you this skirt as a gift of congratulations.

My New Favorite Lululemon Running Skirt

Needless to say I did not want the day to end! What a great race followed by a wonderful experience at Lululemon. Hat’s off to race director Bill Escobar at the Arroyo Creek Half Marathon for providing runners a most memorable running experience. And a special curtsy bow to Sabrina, Samantha, and the rest Lululemon Calabasas for my favorite cute new running skirt!!

QOTD: If you are a Lululemon lover, what’s your favorite product or must have item? Did you just run the Arroyo Creek Half Marathon, what was your favorite part about the race?

3 thoughts on “Arroyo Creek Half Marathon Race Number 10 Recap

  1. Great job on the race! I used to go for the Lululemon skirts like the speed skirt, but I feel like the ruffly ones never looked good on me. When I found Oiselle a few months ago I pretty much switched to their stuff though (better quality AND price), and my fave short is the Distance short.

    • The speed skirt is one of favorites from last summer. What I love about Lululemon skirts is the zip back pocket. I hate carrying things and refuse to do so. If the skirt or pants don’t have a zip pocket I will most likely not wear it. I love Oiselle running tees and even ran my last half marathon in one, I will have to check out Oiselle’s running skirts before the seasons change. 🙂

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