2012 Mid-Year Goal Review

The year is half-way over, I am six months away from my favorite holiday, my birthday, and it is time to evaluate/re-evaluate my running goals from the start of the year. I still have one goal in the mix that is nearing completion and have already added in a new long-term goal: my first full marathon, Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half. 

I have decided on a new ongoing goal, to make sure that I am always enjoying running and not letting it become boring or tedious. Though I feel that I have had some setbacks regarding improving my pace, this has not been the easiest year health wise, I have learned a lot in terms of respecting, honoring, and listening to my body. Despite these setbacks I know that I have another 6 months to improve my pace and become a stronger runner that I envision myself to be. I am strong believer in setting the bar high and I am simply not going to allow my health to get in the way of accomplishing amazing goals. I will do everything in my power to be healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle, which will hopefully allow me to reach for the stars and paint the sky. 

Keeping my run’s fresh and scenic.

13 Going on Crazy is going on strong I have 3 races left and who knows what challenges I will set for myself once I complete 13 half marathons in 13 months. Maybe 26 full marathons in 26 months! That’s the beauty of goals, they are constantly changing and evolving as we evolve.   

QOTD: How have you done on your goals from the beginning of the year? Have you completed any of 2012 goals? Have any of them change or evolved? Do you need to update/change any of them? Most importantly are still loving going out for a run and what are you doing to make it fresh and new? 

2 thoughts on “2012 Mid-Year Goal Review

  1. I have already met my main goal this year, twice…..to run a half marathon! This was a huge goal for me and I’m very proud of myself for meeting it.

    Good luck with your first full! Readjusting goals as elements of life change is tough, good for you to be able to roll with it.

    • WOW! Way to go for accomplishing your goal twice! That is amazing and you should be really proud of yourself. And I really do agree with rolling with what life unexpectedly throws your way!!

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