28 Weeks…Marathon Motivation…Week 1

I have been known to say that I simply can’t wrap my brain around running 26.2 miles, well I better start wrapping my brain around 26.2 miles, because the training has officially begun! Today I started the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge 2013 training program and so the count down begins. Yes a lot can happen in 28 weeks, but what is in my favor is time. Armed with my RunDisney training calendar and reward stickers I am ready to go. Remember I pay myself a dollar per mile. Yes I know, reward stickers, are typically for the little ones, but I am motivated by the little things and plan on buying myself a HUGE present at the expo! Look out shoppers!!

My Sweet Reward

Prior to running my first half marathon, I thought that running 13.1 miles seemed  impossible, now I view it as a possible distance and an obtainable goal. Perhaps over time my view’s on running a full marathon will change from obscenely insane to a walk in the park. As a runner I know that this is a natural progression in terms of my racing. I have run more half marathons than I thought that I ever would  and could ever run. I know that ready for a new challenge.

First day of new training schedule!! First 2 miles of an infinite amount of miles!

QOTD: How do you know when you are ready for a new challenge? What advice would you give to  first time marathon runners? If you have participated in a previous Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge what was your favorite part about the experience and what advice would you give to new Goofy runners?

3 thoughts on “28 Weeks…Marathon Motivation…Week 1

  1. Good question… I’ve done half marathons before and JUST decided to do the Walt Disney FULL marathon coming up in January. Deciding to jump in feet first and make my first (and maybe last?) full marathon a special one with Disney. Yay!

    • I still pinch myself in shock that I signed up for a full marathon. I knew that I wanted to make sure that my first (and maybe my last as well) full needed to be a RunDisney race as they as always have the best races.

  2. Good luck on your race and training. I like the stickers too!! Goofy is so cute 🙂 I think you should take the stickers you have and find some way of sticking them on to a running shirt. This way when you’re running your marathon the sticker could give you even more luck. What are you doing reading this?? Go out and RUN RUN RUN!! Good luck 🙂

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