Lost and Never Found…

I was doing the laundry the other day and much to my dismay I am missing three of my favorite Lululemon running socks. I am presently the proud owner of 2 left no-show socks and 1 right crew cut sock. Any other combination would have been perfect then I might not be in the predicitiment that I am presently in, sockless in Santa Monica. Yes matching socks is over-rated, but this is too much! I might feel at times that I 2 left feet, but I simply can’t run with 2 left socks. This brings me to the most enlightening question to date, where do all of the missing socks go? Is there an invisiable trap door in my washer that transports my socks to an island of dirty and sweaty socks? I mean seriously I live in a 1 bedroom tiny apartment. If it is not in my running shoes, the laundry basket, or the washer and dryer, I simply don’t get it! Any insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Pretty soon I am going to have to create Missing Sock Flyers!

QOTD: Do you lose socks and have a theory as to where lost might go, I would love to hear about it!



12 thoughts on “Lost and Never Found…

  1. Im sorry to hear the bad news with your sock.issing socks have happened to me too. I know it stinks but they will be found soon. Maybe they are clinging to something else that was in the dryer. Please keep me posted. I have tv news connections and worst case we can put a missing news story out for them. Don’t be sad you have mismatched socks, be glad that you have friends supporting you during these hard times. Good luck with finding your socks!!

    • LOL!! A news blotter would be greatly appreciated, do you think Dick Tracy is available? I have heard that he is a great detective!

  2. Haha, oh lost socks, where do you go? It’s such a mystery. I’ve never had the Lululemon ones but I always worry about my fave Experia socks getting lost.

    • I think that this is one of life’s great mysteries! In case one of your Experia socks gets lost, which I hope does not happen, I highly recommend checking out Lululemon socks they are seamless and super comfy! If I can’t find my socks soon I will be checking out your Experia socks.

  3. I lose socks ALL THE TIME. And Ry thinks I steal his. I really don’t lol he just won’t admit that he is just as absentminded. I’m not sure where they go but I’d love to be able to track them with a mini GPS one day. I mean seriously, where do they all go sneak off to!?! I swear I’m always restocking my socks like its a job.

    • I think that a mini GPS would be a great idea! Perhaps it is a conspiracy between the sock companies and the sock thieves, the more socks they steal the more money the sock companies make!!

  4. I simply don’t know where those socks go. You put a pair in the washer and after being tidy white clean ,they next go in the dryer. The pair upon drying comes out a single and their next stop is the basket of lost and lonely mismatched socks without their mate!! I usually wait several weeks and sit down to sort through all the single mismatched socks and ultimately throw 90% away as the mate never ever reappears. I figured out a method to this madness ! Buy a lingerie bag and hopefully that will prevent the socks from being lonely singles!!!

  5. I always lose socks! I keep a single sock pile in a small basket and when I have one without a match I throw it in the basket. Every few weeks I sort through the basket and find a few matches. I think they just get lost in the shuffle. =/

    • I too throw mine in a basket, my problem is I hate sorting them out in hopes I fill find one pair! Its like looking for a needle in a hay stack. 🙂

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