Marathon Motivation Tuesday

Today marked the second week of marathon training and I feel confident that by the time marathon weekend rolls around I will be more than ready. Would todays run reflect that I am ready probably not, I only ran a mile, but as the saying goes if you can run a mile you could a marathon. Perhaps I am not alone, but I was simply not feeling it today during my run. I am typically able to get in the zone and zen out. Today was not one of those days. I simply could not get all of my thoughts to stop running through my head. I sometimes wish that there as an on and off switch to my brain. I am trying my hardest to stay focused these week as I am expecting really great phone calls by the week. Keeping fingers!! On a positive note I went out to dinner with great friends and was able to watch the sun set on the ocean. It’s moment’s like that which simply take my breath away. All and all it was a great day.

QOTD: If you are not in the mood are you able to push through and complete your run? If you are able to push through any suggestions for those who can’t push through?

2 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Tuesday

  1. Sometimes I push through my run or workout, sometimes I just change what I’m doing that day if its not working. My body definitely lets me know if I’m on target or not. Ha

    • Against my better judgement I like to push through all of the beeps and then I can’t make through a full run. So far this week is going well and I am respecting my Garmin!

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