The Tourist

Okay so I missed my Thursday run, I know that I still have a few more days before the week is over, but I have a legitimate reason for not running! I had the opportunity to be a tourist in my own backyard. A dear family friend was visiting which translated into doing fun activities that I typically would not have done. The day started out by heading to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary exhibit on Princess Diana. They even showcased some Princess Diana and Princess Catherine’s dresses, which I have to say was one the coolest parts of the exhibit.

Rule Followers…The signs informed us that we are not allowed to take pictures!

I look just like her don’t I? Not Princess Di, the lady in blue next to me!!

After going to the Princess Diana exhibit we went to my favorite restaurant, Storytellers Cafe at  The Grand California Hotel. I ordered my usual…kids salmon with broccoli and white rice. They even have gluten-free bread, hey it’s Disney would you expect anything less?

My absolute favorite meal in Disneyland!!

Notice my crazy shoes!!

From Marina del Rey to Long Beach to Anaheim  we had an amazing day, but very long day.

Yes it even rains at the Happiest Place on Earth…On the way home, which is not the happiest time of day!


QOTD: What are you thoughts on being a tourist in your own backyard? Do you love it or hate it?

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