Week 2 Marathon Training Recap

With every week of training I am learning more and more about myself as a runner. With the culmination of week 2 marathon training, I am learning the importance of being flexible with my training schedule and adapting my running schedule depending on the week. I am well aware that missing 1 training day is not the end of the world, but I honestly want to stick with my training schedule. My intention is to be at my healthiest and strongest on race day at the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. Moving forward, I need to be able to better adjust my training schedule and foresee any possible activities that would interfere my training schedule. I went into the week knowing that my schedule was wide open Monday through Wednesday and Saturday through Sunday. With that being said, I should have better planned and acted accordingly. Sometimes you need to be two steps ahead in case your social calendar interferes with your training calendar. Remember training schedules are not made in stone and yes there is always room for adjustment. Fortunately or unfortunately is the question, last week I put my social calendar first, should I have switched my training to accommodate my planned activities?

Having a jolly ole’ time on The Queen Mary.

QOTD: Do you make adjustments to your training schedule or do you simply skip that training session? Do you have a tip or suggestion on how to balance a busy social calendar with your training schedule?


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