Marathon Training Motivation Monday Week 3

This week all is about accomplishing goals. My 11th race is just around the corner and I need to start focusing more on my training run and healthy habits. From here on out there is no more excuses I need to stick to my training schedule or make the necessary adjustments to reflect my schedule for the week. I am committing myself to 3 runs a week anything more is a bonus, that should not be too difficult? Right? Before I go into this week’s goal let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.

Respect my Garmin (C+)

While I was very respectful to my Garmin there were times that I still decided to ignore its beeps and chirps. I have to admit that my GI issues did not help the matter, but going along with my “No More Excuses” clause I can’t use that anymore and I simply must respond to my watch. Rather than come up with another excuse I need to reflect on my present intervals and see if I need to make modifications to reflect my current running ability. I think that I will roll this goal into this weeks goals.

Diversity in Food Selections (B-)

I can proudly say that mission was accomplished! I not only made sure that I rotated my food choices, but I also had variety, which is always a plus when you eat the same thing day in and day out. What could use better restrain is my noshing on Ghirardelli White Chocolate morsels. While I was really strong the first few days into this goal, by Wednesday it was getting tough. I am not going to lie to you, I went to the dark side and my hand went into that bag 3 times during the week, which is a huge improvement.

This week’s Months goals are…(Which is officially changing into monthly goals. I feel that I will have more time to focus on each goal this way.)

Respect my Garmin: Failed see above for more details.

Discover 2 local Gluten-Free restaurants: This evening I was referred to as a “regular” at my local Whole Foods for dinner. Yes, I love eating there because I know that the food is safe and I am always guaranteed a good meal, but seriously people this is not a restaurant. Being regarded as a “regular” at Whole Foods is not a good thing, as healthy as might sound.

Get more sleep: For the obvious reasons.


QOTD: How do you stay motivated? Do you like to set goals for yourself? Do you prefer weekly or monthly goals?

9 thoughts on “Marathon Training Motivation Monday Week 3

  1. I have noticed that changing things up in my running routine has helped keep me motivated. Tried music one day (I never run with music), did a short/faster run for a change a couple times, tried a new drink before the run, etc… 🙂

    • These are great suggestions and will need to keep these in mind when I am lacking the motivation to lace up my running shoes! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. i’d love to be a ‘regular’ at whole foods! the closest one is well over an hour away. the stores by us don’t have a very extensive gfree section, so i make do with what’s around. whenever i am able to get to a whole foods i end up spending a ridiculous amount of money and i don’t even make it home before i start ripping into things!!

    • Start hitting up Google and finding online delivery options for your GF needs. You could also reach out to different companies and see if they could help you locate your favorite products!!

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