Good Things Happen in 3’s!!!

Monday was a whirlwind day for me! Though I had four AMAZING things happen to me yesterday I will share three out of the four as I don’t want to jinx the fourth!! Let’s just say that after there 3 e-mails and 1 phone conversation I was left speechless, which is pretty chatty Melissa over here!! Stay tuned as the fourth is quickly developing into something fantastic! I am fairly confident that after the day that I had yesterday that I will be able to reach the goals that I have set for myself.


I was chosen to receive a free pair of Mizuno running shoes and have been entered into the Mezamashii Run Project. In Japanese, the word mezamashii means “brilliant.” That is the feeling Mizuno is on a quest to deliver more of —a euphoric, wind-in-your-heart run. A brilliant run.


I was selected today to be a Bio-K Plus Ambassador! Bio-K Plus is one of the few probiotics that has proven results and personally it has changed my life for the better. Both my Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease are in check partly due to the positive effects of Bio-K Plus. More information on my status of being an ambassador is fourth coming, but I am sure will help all my followers who also share GI tract issues.


Though this happened on Sunday I feel like I am on an incredible 24 hour ride! I am still just tickled pink to be considered a Sweat Pink Ambassador!


QOTD: Do you believe that good things happen in 3’s???

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    • Thank you! Stay tuned…I promise to keep you posted!! 🙂 Thanks for being a part of my cheer squad and following my blog!!

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