To Rome with Love…

I am unsure what was more of a disappointment my Italian movie or my Italian dinner. Tonight I saw the movie To Rome with Love, which is the new Woody Allen movie. Apparently he felt that with the success of Midnight in Paris, a movie which I loved, that he would hoop on over to another romantic European city. This time it was Rome. The movie was not too funny, not too romantic and left me feeling like I walked into a helicopter propeller.

After the movie I headed across the street to Maria’s Italian Kitchen. I was very excited when I arrived as the gluten-free menu looked delicious. It even had the Celiac Disease Foundation logo right on the menu, though I am unsure as to why. Did it mean that it was endorsed by the CDF or did the restaurant simply add it the menu to make it look more official? I did not the get the feeling the wait staff was well-trained on serving customers who are gluten-free. Ordering was not an easy task, so I had the manager come over to my table to place my order. He was really helpful and seemed sincere about making my dining experience enjoyable and stress free, which I greatly appreciated. Though not the healthiest choice I decided to order pizza, it felt  like that kind of night.

I believe that if done in moderation, pizza is an okay choice. The first pizza that arrived was missing cheese so I had to send it back, because if I was having pizza I was going all out. The second pizza that was done to my specification and gluten-free. It was similar to a regular thin crust pizza, was it the same doughy pizza that I miss from Maria’s no! Will be back to reorder this again absolutely! Though I am still on the hunt for a pizza crust that tastes like a real pizza. I will keep on searching until I can find the real deal!

QOTD: Are you a pizza lover? What type of crust do you prefer?

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