Week 3 Marathon Training & Race Number 11 Recap

The weeks are quickly flying by and there are already back to school commercials on TV. YIKES!! Talk about rushing the seasons a bit. Why can’t we simply enjoy the last month of summer before we transition into fall? This week training wise I felt as though I took 2 steps backwards and 2 steps forwards. While I completed 3 training sessions, one of them being a half marathon, my 11th race, I felt a bit off all week. On Friday I gave myself my bi-weekly injection medication so I am thinking that might have thrown my body off, the first half the week my body most likely needed the medication and the last few days of the week my body trying to regain its strength from running. I’m not too sure on that, but I am proud that I completed all necessary training sessions.

Yesterday I ran in my 11th race of 13 Going on Crazy! I am still in shock that 11 months have gone by since I started this challenge. This race was a refreshing change of pace in comparison to my other races, it was a small low-key race hosted by Rocket Racing Productions.There was probably 30 people in this race, despite the number of participants there were still race bibs, which I love wearing!! Running on the beach paths in Long Beach is always breathtaking, though I tend to forget to stay on the walkers path and end up walking right in the middle of the bikers path, which can cause for a few angry bikers! Regardless of how many times I see the Queen Mary it always amazes me. I loved running along the shore with the Queen Mary as my focal point throughout the race. My only concern or biggest problem is my left baby toe. I am unsure if it is the socks or shoes, but I left the race with my medal and a blister. I have to figure out this one out as I do not want to return those shoes, I LOVE THEM!!

QOTD: Do you have a favorite running sock that you would recommend? Do you prefer large or small races?

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  1. In regards to the back to school thing, students in GA go back to school this month. We always started during the last days of July. (We used a modified year round schedule, more breaks during the year, shorter summer.)

  2. Oh, and about the socks. I LOVE Wright Socks. They are double layered to cut down on friction but they aren’t super thick either if you get the right style(they have lots of different ones) I have worn them for all of my long runs and races and I have never even had a hot spot. They are totally worth it in my book.

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