Marathon Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!! I raise my Smart Water bottle to you and wish everyone a fantastic week. Motivation Monday this week is all about dreams and envisioning what you want your life to look like and how you are going to get there. Prior to each and every run I like to take a few minutes and envision the type of runner that I would like to be. By not only accepting who I am and then envisioning the runner I want to be it propels to me push harder and achieve my goals.

QOTD: How do you get your “head” in the game prior to a run? Do you have pre or post run rituals?

5 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday

  1. I love the images you posted! Definitely motivational and colorful! yay. Prior to a run, I listen to my running music and get into the zone. Usually when I run, I want to, so there’s not much motivating needed. The need is just in my veins and legs already by the time I start running.

  2. It totally depends on the run – sometimes I go out just to get out – other times I envision what it is supposed to look like and possibly amp myself up for some pain/perseverance!

  3. Prior to a race, I LOVE people watching… I tend to zone out and check out peoples new race gear, their different routines, etc… so I guess I have a routine of looking at other people’s routines. Ha.

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