Week 5 Marathon Training Recap

This week was not the week that I had expected for myself. I had high hopes, only to come out sightly short, but I was there and put my best running foot forward. Unfortunately my GI issues played a big part this week in terms of my running ability and my low mileage. You could read about my journey with Crohn’s Disease, coming out of the bathroom as I like to call! I started out the week really strong and felt really accomplished in terms of my fitness goals, but once Saturday hit everything changed. Ahh, that’s the life of an athlete with GI issues!! Some weeks are better than others and you just need to roll with punches!!

Here is how I did this week….

Monday: walk 2 miles

Tuesday: run 3 miles @ the bluff

Wednesday: walk 1 miles (Not the 2 miles that I intended, but I was happy to walk the 1 miles with my mom & happy to be with her while she is trying to get healthy)

Thursday: run 2 miles (Intended on 3 miles, but my calves were screaming!!)

Friday:  rest

Saturday: GI issues pushed long run to Sunday

Sunday: run 2 miles, not the long run that I wanted, but I will take it!!

It’s Not Easy Being Green…Feeling under the weather, but lookin’ cute!!

QOTD: How do you get through not feeling feel? Do you stop, respect your body, and rest? Or just push on through and go for a run?




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