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On Sunday morning I woke to a twitter message from the lovely Mindy from Road Runner Girl to discover that she has nominated me, YES me, for the Liebster award. I wasn’t sure what this fabulous award might be, but I can tell you that I was excited to see that someone not only recognized my blog, but was reading it as well. Thanks Mindy, you made my day!

What is the Liebster Award?
I searched google and there is no definitive answer as to the meaning of the Liebster Award.  The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. According to Mindy,  Liebster is German and means  sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.  In other words it means, “I love your blog! Keep up the great work and keep writing about your journey!! To me most importantly it’s a great way to discover new blogs and share the love.
Here’s how it works once given a Liebster Award:
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
  3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  4. Notify the people you have tagged.
  5. No tag backs.

So here goes nothing!  Here are 11 things about ME!!

  1. Bruce Springsteen gave a me a high-five when I was 12 at the Rosemont Horizon. I wish I could give a hand-shake now and thank him for his music as it honestly helped through good and bad times.
  2. I love to bake!! Even as a little girl I was always baking! I was only 3, but my one of my only memories of my Grandmother was her telling me that if I lick the beaters that I need to make sure that the mixer was unplugged!
  3. I took my first steps at Epcot in Walt Disney World, maybe that is why I love RunDisney so much. 
  4. I love everything Disney. I have been regarded as the Wikipedia of Disney facts. I once out smarted a Walt Disney World bus driver in duel of Disney trivia and facts. To think I was only 7 and already in a Disney Duel!!
  5. I am a New Year’s Baby and I LOVE birthdays. It’s great if it my birthday, but any birthday celebration will do! I even wear a  special birthday hat on my actual birthday!
  6. My favorite holiday is New Years. For the obvious reasons.
  7. I am a strong believer in paying forward and doing good deeds.
  8. Although born and raised in the Mid-West being able to create a life in the California sunshine is truly home.
  9. I have only owned “Disney Dogs”. A cocker spaniel named Dylan and Spottie the Dalmatian.
  10. I am a gadgets geek! Computers, iPhones, iPods, Garmin, etc.  if it needs to be charged I will most likely love to get my hands on!
  11. My favorite movie is a toss-up between Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Goodfellas, When Harry Met Sally, Marley and Me, and The Little Mermaid. Quite the gamut I know, but I am an avid movie lover regardless of the era.
Here are the 11 questions I am answering from Mindy over at Road Runner Girl!!
  1. What is your favorite form of exercise and why? I love to run, everything always seem so much clearer during a long run. It helps me put everything into perspective.
  2. What is something that you’ve accomplished that you are extremely proud of? I am a type A person and I graduated college in 3 years. During those 3 years I even had the opportunity to study abroad and live in Breda, Holland.
  3. What inspired the name of your blog? The distance of a half marathon, which is my favorite distance is 13 miles. I decided to set a major goal for myself, which was to run 13 half marathons in 13 months. When people would hear that I am running 13 half marathons in 13 months, their astonished look on their faces always translated to are you crazy.
  4. What is one thing on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish soon? I would love to turn my journey of 13 Going on Crazy into a book. Any publishers out there that are interested? I would love to hear from you!!
  5. What is one word that would most describe you? Determined
  6. What do you do for a living? E-Commerce, Social Media, E-Mail marketing professional. Anyone out there hiring? I will tweet for food!! Check out my linkedin profile.
  7. What is your favorite book? I love reading so it is very difficult to narrow it down to one book, but I love Margret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.
  8. If you could travel anywhere where would you go? Cuba before there is a Starbucks on every corner.
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I love to not be the hardest critic of me.
  10. Are you a morning person or night person? I am morning person, I love getting up
  11. What reality tv series is your favorite? I was studying abroad when reality tv came in existence and when I came home I never had a desire to start watching.
Now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, I’d like to award the Liebster Award to:
  1. Amy @ Pumpkin to Princess
  2. Malinda & Leah @ Twins Run in Our Family
  3. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life
  4. Jen @ Marathon Mom
  5. Jodi @ 2 Princesses on the Run
  6. Regina @ Life’s Run
  7. Jennifer @ The Little J Bird
  8. Darlena @ Find Your Happy Pace
  9. Angela @ Health, Happiness, & Harmony
  10. Brooke @ Sweats & Sweets
  11. Megan @ Run Like a Girl
My questions for the people I have tagged:
  1. What is your post from your blog are you the most proud of and why?
  2. What is your favorite time of year?
  3. What is your favorite fitness activity?
  4. What meal/food do you cook best?
  5. What are you most likely to do on a day off?
  6. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. If you could be a super hero with special powers who would it be and why?
  9. What’s your favorite thing about the town you live in?
  10. If you could live during any time period when would it be and why?
  11. What is your favorite song?

Tag your it!!

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. First of all.. I love your blog name. I have randomly read some of your entries before and your name always comes out at me. Isn’t the Liebster Award so much fun? Who doesn’t like to share about themselves? My favorite part of this post was when you talked about having no interest in reality TV. We lived in Japan for three years. During this time iPhones came into existence. We are dead set on not getting one! 🙂 It is crazy.. all of this technology that came about in our three years over there! 🙂

    Fellow SPA sister and your Newest Follower

  2. Love the fun facts about you! it’s so cool you took your first steps at Disney!! I also love to bake, but I’m not as big on cooking! Thanks for sharing! SPALove!

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