Once Upon a Time…

From the moment I saw the first episode of Once Upon a Time last year at the Disneyland Half Marathon expo I must admit I was hooked!! I am really keeping my fingers that the folks over at RunDisney will be premiering the first episode of the second season. After watching the season finale in May it is clear that Operation Cobra is NOT over. The Curse may be broken, but I believe that it is just the beginning of something much worse than Regina and Mr. Gold.

For more information visit ABC Once Upon a Time. The new season starts September 30, 2012!


QOTD: Who is your favorite character in Storybrooke or Fairy Tale Land? Do you have a favorite villain you’d like to see either in Storybrooke or Fairy Tale Land?

One thought on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. oh goodness! i absolutely LOVE once upon a time!! its one of my fave shows! i think it’s super creative, and i’m a total disney freak so it works well! i cant stand regina though! omg. her character infuriates me!! i can’t say i have a favorite character, honestly. i never like to pick a favorite of anything because so many of them are so great! in general though, i think my favorite disney villian would have to be guestan from beauty and the beast or ursula from little mermaid. even though they were villians they always cracked me up in the original disney cartoons. thanks for sharing!! SPA LOVE <3

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