Week 6 Marathon Training Recap

The life of an athlete with both Crohn’s and Celiac Disease can change without a minutes notice. One second you are fine and the next second BAM you are knocked down to your knees. This is exactly what has happened to me this past week. Despite eating properly and taking my medication I simply can’t get my stomach under control, which is why I only ran 2 miles this week, plus strength training.

I can’t say for sure as I don’t know how, but I am not going to allow my illness to sideline me. With less than 20 day’s till the Disneyland Half Marathon, my last race of 13 Going on Crazy, I must admit that I am both antsy and nervous for this race. I am going to fight like crazy to gain my strength back so I could proudly cross the finish line. At this time all I can do is keep my eye on the prize. Before a blink of an eye this beautiful medal will be proudly hanging from neck with an ear to ear smile.


QOTD: What is the next race on your summer/fall calendar?

4 thoughts on “Week 6 Marathon Training Recap

  1. So sorry you’re having stomach issues! What about taking immodium the night before you run? Or what about your fueling during your fun….some of it (like GU) can sometimes upset your stomach. I hope you get it figured out girl! Good luck at Disneyland!!!

    • Thank you so much for your support and kindness it really means a lot me. I wish that I could take immodium, it is unfortunately not Gluten-Free :(. I try to avoid GU if at all possible. What works for me during long run is apple sauce. Crazy I know!!

  2. i am so very inspired by you battling and carrying on even with so many health complications in the way!!! i have two close friends with chrone’s disease, and i see what they go through daily. it really breaks my heart!!! keep hanging in there and taking care of yourself. i will be praying for you! SPA LOVE!

    • Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, it truely helps me get out the door for my runs. For now I will hang in there and hope that this is all behind me my the time the Disneyland Half comes.

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