Marathon Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!! I hope that everyone has an amazing week and enjoys the final weeks of summer. Motivation Monday this week is all about courage and having the strength to pull yourself up by the shoelaces and keep on going. Courage is a trait, which I believe that runners develop over time. As a runner we push ourselves both mentally and physically to go further and faster without courage I don’t believe that this is possible.

QOTD: As a runner do you feel that courage plays a small or big part in your running success?

2 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday

  1. I think courage plays a huge roll in our success!!! If you’re too scared to push yourself to reach new heights and improve then you’ll never be successful!! Success is having courage to go out and say “I can do this and I will do this!” Conquering a long distance or a big hill.. Or doing your first race even… That’s success!!!! I loved this post! Thanks for sharing!! SPALove!

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