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Being a organzied runner often times could be very difficult. I can’t speak for all runners, but between my heart rate monitor strap, Garmin watch, KT tape, sunglasses, lip balm, toe caps, iPod, and earphones it feels that the list could go on and on. Unfortunately none of my gear comes equipped with a tiny sensor that would beep in case it was lost. It could be very hard to keep track of all your gear especially when the items are tiny. I believe that an organized runner is a happy runner, which is why I always keep my ALL of my in the same mini Lululemon bag and on the same hook. This leaves little room for my gear getting and allows for a quick get away when I am trying to leave the house in a hurry!

QOTD: How do you keep track of all of your gear?

9 thoughts on “Organized Runner

  1. I hear you sister! I have so much running “stuff.” i keep mine in a lululemon bag too! Seriously, my garmin, sunglasses, earphones, armband, and sunscreen stay in there and I toss in gu or bars and a dry t-shirt before I leave the house.

  2. I’m terrible for keeping track of my gear. Most of it ends up in the kitchen. I always prep the night before I head out for a morning run because it usually takes me awhile to find my stuff. Organized, I am not.

  3. I totally relate bc I’m an organization freak! I always have my bag packed and ready to go at all times so I ever forget anything!! Otherwise I’d totally lose my head! SPALove!

  4. I use the Storage Tote in Pink Circle & Spirals from Thirty One Gifts. It is $30! It’s perfect. Large enough to hold everything and the inside can be wiped down! Perfect bag! And no I don’t sell Thirty One, well, not anymore! I just love their totes!

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