If It Wasn’t For our Mothers

We spent all of lives trying to grow-up, pull away from our parents, create our own identity, and we think that so many of our habits and mannerism are what create the uniqueness of ourselves. The fact is we try so hard not to become our parents. We eventually wake up one morning, get a cup of coffee, take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that the inevitable happened, we became our parents. Well, my Mom burst my bubble yesterday after I wrote about being an organized runner. She kindly reminded me of her trick in getting both my brother and I quickly out the door for school. And that was to have lunch, bagged, and ready to go in the fridge. And all of the necessities that one would need to go to school would be sitting in the middle of the foyer. My brother and I after eating breakfast would go and sit down next to our shoes, coats, bags, hats, mittens, you name it, we were like fireman getting ready to answer the call of duty. My brother and I now refer to this as the “a.m. fireman drill.” The method although crazy, definitely got my brother and I to school without forgetting anything. Here I thought that I was so unique, but my running “go” bag is simply etched in my brain since my brother and I did the “fireman drill.” To this day, thanks to my Mom, I can still get out of the house within fifteen minutes, shower and all!

QOTD: What is something that your Mother did for you growing up that you continue to do to this day?

3 thoughts on “If It Wasn’t For our Mothers

  1. This is a lovely post! Your Mum sounds like a force to be reckoned with.

    I think I’m organised, but I’m just the opposite really, and I can see tat from my childhood days of rushing out the door late and without half of my things!

    • Looking back, as a kid I always thought that I had the “easy mom”, maybe she was tougher than I thought! My mom would dump our school bag out and make us organize it! Perhaps she was not only getting us ready for school, but the rest of our lives!

  2. Oh how sweet! My mom and I are ridiculously close, and everyday I find I’m more and more like her! She’s just such a people pleaser and always doing everything for everyone else. I see this in myself a lot! She is a wonderful person to aspire to be like though!! Thanks for sharing this! So sweet! SPALove!

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