Marathon Motivation Monday

My favorite day of the week is here! It’s Monday! Okay it’s on the top of my list for favorite day of the week, but Monday’s to me are all about fresh start’s and new beginnings. The slate is clean, I am well rested, ready play hard and take on the week. Motivation Monday this week focuses on determination. When you feel you simply can’t get out the door, especially when it’s cold and wet, your way too tired from the night before, or have a to-do list longer than the miles that you need to run, determination it there to kick your tushie out the door and help you log those endless miles.

QOTD: As a runner how much of your running is based on determination? Is determination what makes you push yourself to go the extra mile?

12 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday

  1. I just lOVE those motivational quotes! especially the one about getting up 8xs! So good! My running is surely based on determination. It’s determination to strive to be healthy and active each day for me. Not so much the speed or miles. Spalove!!

  2. That is the greatest approach to Mondays! I have a lot to learn from you :-D.

    My running is definitely about determination. There is no way you can get fitter or faster without it. I have legs, that’s 1% (blades are good too), so I guess determination is 99%!

    • You have a very wise husband! I have never heard that before, but I am definitely going to be using that one in the future!

  3. Thank you. I needed a little Monday Motivation on my first day back to work after vacation. Running, especially long distance is all about determination. It’s what gets you out the door, get up early, finish the last 2 miles of your long run when you’re tired.

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