Race Number 12 Recap

My 12th race of 13 Going on Crazy has quickly come and gone! Today’s race was another low-key race hosted by Rocket Racing Productions. Luckily for me I checked the company website on Saturday to confirm what time the race was starting as I was pleasantly surprised that they changed the course. I could not have been more satisfied with the change in venue. They moved it to my happy running place, which is only 10 minutes from my house, which means extra time in bed! SCORE! Being able to run in Santa Monica on the beach is where everything always seems to click for me as a runner. Simply put, I run my best when I am at the beach! Today I was even able to run underneath the pier, which is typically my turn around point. Oddly enough the underneath part of the pier smells a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean when you are riding though the dungeon scene. I am unsure why they smell the same, but they do! For this being a beach race it was hot way too early in the morning, which made my last minute decision to switch into a running tee not the best idea. At least I looked cute and was wearing a skirt, which kept me cool! Here’s looking at race number 13!!

QOTD: Where is your “happy” place to run?



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