Week 7 Marathon Training Recap

This weeks training consisted of REST. These past few weeks I have been pushing myself to run despite the fact that I simply can’t keep anything down. This week however my body simply said enough! It killed me not to run this week, I knew that I had my 12th race of 13 Going on Crazy today and I really wanted to do well. Stay tuned for my race recap. Who know’s you might get a double feature from me today!!

I hate to admit it, but I am motivated by race bling. Simply put this is what keeps me going in during the many months of training. When my training gets tough, my legs ache down to the bone, and my stomach feels queasy I close my eyes and visualize myself crossing the finish line and the very kind people placing the medal around my neck. This time it is not just any race bling, this time it is RunDisney bling celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Marathon. Come January 2013 I will be sporting three well-earned medals!

QOTD: Do you ever take a self-imposed rest? Do you run for the bling?

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