Are You Ready For Me, Mickey? One week till Labor Day 2012!

By this time next Friday I will be the Disney Half Marathon 2012 Expo picking up my bib!! Could next Friday get here any sooner?

Here is my top 5 Disneyland Half Marathon Wish List…

1. Have an amazing time celebrating crossing the finish line and completing 13 half marathons in 13 months!!

2. Not have any GI issues during the race.

3. Find my “Minnie Mouse” ears before race weekend! I know that I can always buy new ones, but these ears have been with me at every RunDisney race!!

4. Enjoy the world-famous, best gluten-free pancakes by Chef Chris at Storytellers Cafe at the Grand California Hotel. Seriously how could a self-respecting adult not appreciate Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes? Yummy!! Forks Up!!

5.  Celebrate this amazing weekend with a gluten-free cake. This one is on Disneyland! A dream is a wish and a girl can dream right?

QOTD: If you’re running Disneyland next weekend, what are your goals?


10 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Me, Mickey? One week till Labor Day 2012!

  1. such cute mickey pancakes!! my mom used to make bunny face pancakes for my sister and me when we were kids!! i love your goals, and i will keep you in my prayers as you prep for the big race! what an amazing feat you’re completing!! happy wkend!

    • Buuny face pancakes sound so cute!! It sounds like you have a really creative mom! Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate your support!

  2. Oh, how I wish I was doing Disneyland next weekend. I love Disney races and am always looking forward to the next one. Good luck and have fun! And congrats on 13 in 13!

    • Participating in Disney races should one everyone’s bucketlist!! Good luck accomplishing your fitness bucketlist!!

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