Marathon Motivation Monday

Happy Monday!! Motivation Monday this week is all about strength. Some people believe strength is physical others believe that is a mental attribute. I believe that strength is an actual muscle that is developed over time. Every experience that you go through in your life prepares you for the next journey. If you went on a run your body’s muscles are now prepared for the next run, if you are in an emotional situation you rely on the previous experience for the strength and wisdom to get through to sunnier days. During a tough run or the cloudy days you need step back, remind yourself that you are STRONG! When you feel you that you can’t run any further or pass anymore mailboxes, you need to remind yourself of your inner strength and that everything you need is already inside of each and everyone of us.

QOTD: How does strength factor into your running?

3 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday

  1. I love the “strong is what happens when you run out of weak!” what an awesome saying!! I haven’t heard that before! Thanks for all the motivation! Happy Monday!

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