Motivation Monday

Hi Everyone,

I’m a guest blogger, Briana, from The Great Shake Up, filling in for Melissa tonight.  I recently completed my Coast to Coast challenge at Disneyland last weekend.  So much anticipation went into the weekend, and I now face myself starting back up training for my next big goal, Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World.

I now find myself trying to get myself motivated to keep on training.  I can’t wait to run again at Disney and January can’t come soon enough.  But in the mean time, I began brainstorming of ways to keep myself motivated.  Here is what I came up with:

1.  Check in with running friends making sure we keep going and stick to our training schedule.

2.  Rewatch Disney race videos and medal reveals…yes those medals can be very motivating!

3. Register for a local race.

This last one is a little scary for me.  I have only run Disney races… ones that have that Disney magic and keep you entertained.  I train in my neighborhood and neighboring towns  but I have yet to sign up for a local race.  I decided to check out what was near me on Cool Running and found some 5K and 10 K races.  I’ve decided to register for a 10 K in boston in October – the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women – not too far away and it doesn’t interrupt my training schedule.

This will give me another race too look forward too and motivate me to get out there are continue on.

What gives you the motivation to run in between races?

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