What the Friday?

The second week of What the Friday focuses on our proudest accomplishments as athletes. It’s no secret I love running half marathons, which is why I am proud of not only starting, but actually completing running 13 half marathons in 13 months. I love the adrenaline of standing at the starting line, the thrill of approaching mile 13, and the accomplishment of crossing the finish line.

**Ok friends, now it’s your turn! E-Mail 13 Going on Crazy at 13goingoncrazy@gmail.com. Send me a photo of your greatest accomplishment, what race it’s from (if it’s from a race), and tell me (briefly please) why it is your proudest moment. If you have a blog please put the URL in there as well, and on the next WTF I will write a post sharing all of your photos and stories! Please send photos by this Wednesday morning the 3rd of October to make it into the post.

QOTD: In our busy lives who need to pause, reflect, and capture these great moments. What is on your list of great moment’s of your life?

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