I’m on Fire

Do you ever have doubts in your abilities and feel like your training is simply way off? I would like to think  that we all do and I am not alone on this one. Coming back from an injury or illness can be a really rough road, both physically and mentally. For me it is filled with self-doubt. First I start with worrying about missing so many runs, losing my fitness stamina, and the most absurd thought is my fear that I simply just will not be able to run again. These unwarranted doubts in running abilities have all, but vanished today as I was selected by Team Volkswagen, #TeamVW to participate in this weekend’s upcoming Long Beach International Half Marathon.

Long Beach Half Marathon 2011

I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon last year and it was one of the most scenic and memorable races that I have participated in. For the first time in a while I feel alive. I feel like everything is finally starting to click. I feel on fire and no it is not the chicken fajita’s and salsa that I ate for dinner last night. Though I have been oddly been craving salsa and I am not sure why. Perhaps it is not the salsa that I am actually craving, but the need to ignite my life and get it started. The time has come!

Lesson learned, it is not the end of the world take a few days or even weeks off from running and YES it is just like riding a bicycle you never forget how to put one foot in front of the other.

QOTD: What is one of your favorite fall races?

11 thoughts on “I’m on Fire

  1. one of my favorite fall races is on thanksgiving morning. always a great way to start the day before indulging in all kids of great food. sadly, i will not get to participate this year because i will be having surgery the friday before.

    • I too love fall races! Dont’ be too disappointed about this years Turkey Trot, you are on the road to recovery and before you know it Turkey Trot 2014 will be here and you will strong enough to run!! Best of luck on your surgery!

  2. youre completely right about the riding a bike thing!!! i think sometimes we are so scared to give ourselves a break, but we all need it from time to time! great words!! happy tuesday and spa love!

  3. Manasquan NJ Turkey Trot is my fave Fall Race. It is 5 miles, and last year it was my first Fall race. Lots of crazy people in Turkey costumes, and a beer mug comes with your tee. The race runs past the Ocean and some very pretty houses. Lots of spectators, lots of fun!

    • This sounds like a beautiful race and I love when people run in costumes! Turkey Trots are one of the coolest fall races, it’s a great way to start the holiday season.

    • That is a great song, though I had the Bruce Springsteen song, I’m on Fire, in my head when I was writing this post!!

  4. My favorite fall race is the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. A beautiful race and a Tiffany necklace in stead of a medal. And the topper it’s given to you by a fireman in a suit at the finish line who was a platter of tiffany boxes on it.

    • I have always wanted to run in the Nike Women’s Marathon! A little blue box and hot fireman how could you go wrong? It’s the new age version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!!

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