What the Friday?!!

This time last Friday I had no clue that I would be running a half marathon the following weekend, that is a definite WTF!! I am so grateful that I have been to be apart of Team VW and I can’t wait to run my nineteenth half marathon, the Long Beach Half Marathon. It is so hard to believe that I have ran so many half marathons. After I ran my first half marathon I never dreamed that I would be still running races 7 years later! I thought that it was a one time activity, something to cross of my list of “Must Do” in this lifetime. I was the new girl in the city wanting to make new friends and like todays WTF’s Spotlight Runner I joined Team in Training and signed up for my first half marathon.

2006 has gone by in a blink of the eye!! My first half marathon!

In the latest installment of What the Friday, WTF, I am turning the tables and spotlighting a fellow runner!! If you want me to spotlight you please send me an email at 13goingoncrazy@gmail.com! This week I am spotlighting  Sam Celera from BeXtraordinary! Every race completed is amazing feat of strength, determination, and focus, Sam is getting ready to conquer the Nike Women’s Marathon coming up in a few weeks and earn her little blue box!  Read on to learn more about this inspiring runner!

What is your Greatest Accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment has been being part of Team in Training and crossing finish lines with my incredible teammates by my side. The photos are from The Nike Women’s Marathon 2011  (first one is the night before the race with some of my teammates, and the second of myself on my way to the finish line), where I ran the half marathon in memory of my dad with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (http://www.teamintraining.org/). My dad lost his battle to Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma in January of 2011, and I wanted to do something in his memory, to keep his spirit alive, and to do some good for those fighting this horrible monster, called cancer. I ran that race among thousands of other people who were also running: in honor of loved ones, in memory of loved ones, those that are survivors, and those fighting. It was an emotional journey but the support along the way got me to that finish line. And I continue running, for a cure, until we reach that ultimate finish line– a cure for a cancer.


QOTD: We are all Xtraordinary and we all aim to Be Xtraordinary, what is one thing that you do daily that makes you Xtraordinary?



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  1. i think one thing that makes me xtraordinary would have to be the fact that i am a nanny for three little ones and have survived the last three days completely on my own with them while their parents are away on a trip (my normal hours are just 7a-5p) they are six, four, and six months old!! love them to pieces! happy friday and spa love!

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