Week 15 Marathon Training Recap

Change of season. Change of pace. This has been a week of chaos as my computer crashed and suffered an unrepairable death and died on Monday October 8, 2012 at 9:30 am. It was loved and cherished by many. It was a very sad and frustrating day as I depend on my laptop for everything. It is an extension of my brain. Beyond that and aside from technology I am loving running in this beautiful fall weather. Though the temps are not much cooler, the air feels crisper, the sun is setting earlier, and the leaves are beginning to brown. All of this envelopes around me and gives me the sense of new beginnings. All of these changes are invigorating and have propelled me forward and I am slowly starting to gain confidence in my running abilities. By this time next Sunday my goal is to have run miles 24 miles during the course of the week. I feel with this new found confidence that I will be able to accomplish this upcoming week’s goal. As scary and as intimidating as the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge might sound I actually think that, yes I can do it!

Here is how I did this week….

Monday: rest

Tuesday: ran 2 miles on the bluff (My happy place! 🙂 )

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: ran 2 miles on the treadmill (THis was a huge success!! I ROCKED!!)

Friday:  rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: ran 3 miles

So not as impressive as week, but I am consistently following my training schedule for Goofy and that is one of my October goals! 7 miles is still pretty awesome in my book!

QOTD: Do the change of seasons help or hinder your run?


QOTD: How many miles do you average per week?

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