Week 16 Marathon Training Recap

This week turned out be both refreshing and a huge confidence boast, though I am still lacking full confidence in my running abilities and if I will actually be able to complete Goofy 2013. Today’s run was a major accomplishment, I however don’t know if I should be elated that I did 5 miles in less than an hour or disappointed that I did not complete my 15 miles as planned…Listening to your body & your head is a difficult combination when your number one priority should always be to listen to your body. If  I want to achieve these high goals, I need to respect when my body waves the white flag and say for today I am done! Perhaps as a runner we need to always keep our eye on the prize, but we can’t injury ourselves along the way.

Here is how I did this week….

Monday: rest

Tuesday: ran 3 miles

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: ran 4 miles around the Marina

Friday:  rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: ran 5 miles in less than an hour!! WOW!! I can’t remember the last time I did this! :)

As October is quickly slipping away the miles are certainly adding up! I am very proud to be typing that I accomplished running 12 miles this week.

QOTD: Have you ever signed up for a race and thought that you were in over your head or should I say running sneakers? What was the outcome?

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