Overcoming our fears is like ripping off a band-aid, eventually you just got to do it. The thought of running beyond 13 miles consumed me with this over whelming fear, anxiety, and unneeded stress. With everyone’s support and encouragement I laced up my running shoes tonight and ran 15 miles! Yes you read that right! I ran 15 miles tonight!! Woo hoo!! I am on running cloud nine! Perhaps everyone is right it’s mind over matter. I am definitely having some knee pain, but I think that I narrowed that down to simply going too fast. For now I am foam rolling, KT taping my knee, and icing, hopefully that will fix the situation. I am very lucky to have a very close friend who is going to be running Goofy with me and she is very supportive, which is a tremendous help. I have switched my Goofy schedule to my friends schedule and hoping that alleviates some of my training anxiety as well. Until tonight, I was afraid and nervous to go beyond 13 miles. For me 13 miles is safe something accomplishable and obtainable. Tonight,I finally ran beyond the scary 13 miles and made it to 15 miles. Guess what? I learned that 15 miles is not so scary after all. I am still in shock that I did it. I took my Disneyland medal with me tonight on my long run to help me think of the “bigger” picture and at mile 14 my friend texted me a picture of both the Goofy and Marathon medal, which was just the push that I needed to finish that last mile! I’m sure next year at this time, I will be training for my second Goofy and all of my fears will have disappeared. Thank you again to everyone for all of the love, support, and encouragement it means so much to me. So why do we allow fears to consume us, because it feels so good when we rise above.

I survived!

QOTD: How do you overcome your running fears?


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  1. Way to go!!! 15 miles is no joke. I hope you celebrate!!!! [o: I’m not sure how I overcome my running fears. I think it depends on the kind of fear. Recently, I’ve learned that doing other athletic things like CrossFit has given me a lot of confidence in my running, helping me to push past some of the fears I had before (of not being able to finish strong or be capable of running faster). But then there are also those fears that I just dive into, like signing up for a 50k. I’ve never ran an ultra or trained for even a marathon distance without being on a team. But in this case, the fear is motivating me to run better/harder than I ever have before. It’s one of those, “Do something that scares you” things that can sometimes be good.

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