October Monthy Goal Rewind & November Goals

October ended in a high note as I not only over came my fear of running past 13 miles, but I also ran a whopping 62 miles for the entire month. I don’t think that I have even done that in my life. Is it me or are did the month literally fly by? I don’t care because the count down for my birthday begins today! Exactly 60 more days till I turn the big 30!!  If you have not already noticed I love birthdays! The past month was all about over coming health issues and getting my head and heart on the same page in terms of my running abilities.

Let’s take a look back at my October Goal’s and see how I did…

1.) Follow the Goofy Race and a Half Training Schedule: (B+) I would say that I did not follow it to the letter of the law, but I came pretty close to at least getting in all of the runs!

2.) Join a new running group: (A-) I joined a new running group, ran with them twice, or should I say ran by myself twice. They are apparently a much speedier bunch than I am, though I don’t consider my 12 minute mile pace too incredibly slow. Oh well I guess I need to start looking for a slow group of runners.

3.) Read one book: (A+) I read the Argo by Antonio Mendez about the Iran hostage crisis. If you don’t have time to read the book, which I highly recommend that you do, go see the movie. They were both equally amazing.

4.) Cook dinner at home at least 3 night a week: (B-) I did cook a few nights a week, I however failed to share with you my new recipes. That’s why I gave myself a B-, otherwise I definitely nailed it and would have given myself an A. Stay tuned I promise to be sharing these delicious gluten-free recipes in the coming weeks.

Which brings me to my November Goals, here it goes…

1.) Blog Daily: BlogHer is sponsoring National Blog Posting Month. They have put up a list of prompts as blog topics, which I found to be brilliant for those days I need that extra little movitation to keep my fingers typing and the wheels in my brain spinning. To find out more information about this challenge, check out the image on my sidebar.

2.) Pile on the Miles: Last month I learned that the Goofy scheduled from Disney is simply not working for me. I have decided to make the switch to my friends training schedule who is running Goofy with me. While the schedule indicates that I will be running 98 miles, my goal is to at least run 75 miles, if I make it to 98 miles that’s great, I will look at those as bonus miles! Running 62 miles was an unplanned accomplishment in the history of Melissa. My training schedule might have indicated that I would achieve such a high milage count, but I am never very good at sticking to the training schedule milage wise. To find out more information about this challenge, check out the image on my sidebar and to track my progress check out the Daily Mile Image also on the sidebar.

3.) Confidence: One might wonder how that is a goal, but last month it turned out to be the month of overcoming obstacles and fears. Now that I have overcome a few of these fears I need to have the confidence in my running abilities.

QOTD: How did you do with your October goals? What are your goals for November?

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