NYC Marathon

In light of recent events, it was announced yesterday that the NYC Marathon would be cancelled this weekend. I am personally wondering why they didn’t cancel it sooner. Was this a ploy to earn more revenue for the city, which they now so desperately need? I really hope that this is not the case. Though the race was renamed, Race 2 Recover NYC I did not feel that it was an appropriate time to allow an event such as this to continue. I believe that at this point in time what people need are housing, clothing, food, and assistance to get their lives back in order and start rebuilding, not having thousands of people running through their city for sport. If people want to run through NYC then they should be wearing jeans, warm clothing, gloves, and be ready to lend a working hand to help start rebuilding.

QOTD: Do you think that this was a good or bad decision made by race director Mary Wittenberg?

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