Fitting in a Run

Juggling a running schedule during the holiday’s is not always and I must admit it can be quite a challenge to squeeze in. I too am guilty of this and am already feeling the pinch. Though I had an amazing time last weekend with my family (they live out of state) I unfortunately missed my long run and have it hanging over my head like a lead ballon. The second excuse is that I got a really bad cold, which make breathing let alone running hard! Now that the family has packed their bags and my cold is almost gone I am left without any excuses!  Thank you AirBorne you are a lifesaver. If you have not tried the new chewable berry flavored AirBorne I highly recommend that you give it a try and stock up. Yes I know I am digressing, my point is budget your time and plan ahead. I like to take my training schedule and re-write it on a separate calendar to make sure that it fits into my social calendar. Life is a balancing act and you have to be an amazing juggler. Take a look at my training schedule and PLEASE, PLEASE hold me accountable!!

QOTD: What tools or tricks do you use during the holiday season to fit in a sweat session?

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