Week 20 Marathon Training Recap

It’s so hard to believe that I have now been training for 20 weeks and I am one step closer to Goofy 2013! My nerves are still a bit raw and I am slowly accepting that YES I can accomplish this goal. Mind over matter though! I never not been feeling well this past week and I actually think that I needed one more day of rest, but oh well I ran 9 miles yesterday. I am paying for it today!  I’m determined that by tomorrow I’ll at least be 80% better. This weekend I learned my lesson…Rather than focusing on catching up and making up missed runs due to illness I need to simply keep one foot in front of the other and simply move on and accept that I missed the run. Ball is in your court, immune system!

Here is how I did this week….

Monday: rest

Tuesday: ran 2 miles

Wednesday: cross train bike 30 minutes

Thursday: ran 1 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: ran 9 miles

Sunday: rest

 QOTD: How do you cope with being side-lined due to illness?

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