Happy New Year NOW!!!

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If only New Year’s can hurry itself up and come already! It is not only my favorite holiday, but also my birthday! Yes I am a New Years baby and will perpetually love to celebrate birthdays for the rest of my life. Being the type of person that I am I do not typically like to set New Years resolutions on my birthday. I personally feel that in regards to New Year’s resolutions, most people make them and break them every year so what’s the point. Despite how I feel I have always felt that thanks to the calendar we were allotted at least one fresh start a yea, just set your calendars to January 1st. This year is going to be different as I am turing the BIG 3-0! With that in mind, when Tara from I’m Fit Possible asked me to participate in Happy New Year Now link up creating my New Years goals and resolutions now I jumped at the opportunity. Rather than creating a list of goals I decided that I wanted to created a list of 30 “to-do” items that I want to accomplish during my thirtieth year. Without further ado here is my “30 in 30 List”…

  1. Complete my first full marathon, look out Goofy 2013 here I come!
  2. Open a Gluten-Free Dessert bar
  3. Fall in love and not get my heart broken
  4. Actually feel happy about my life, even if it is just for a moment
  5. Run at least 40 miles per month
  6. Run at least 10 races
  7. Run a half marathon sub 2 hours 40 minute
  8. Create iPhoto albums from previous races & time spent with my family
  9. Break free of the recession cycle and find financial freedom
  10. Stay up all night and see the sunrise, okay maybe just wake up early and see it rise. I don’t do well on lack of sleep.
  11. Learn how to make fondant
  12. Go to a drive-in theatre, do they still exist?
  13. See Bruce Springsteen &/or Bob Dylan in concert
  14. Go horseback riding on the beach
  15. Swim with the dolphins
  16. Go scuba diving
  17. Take a class in American Sign Language
  18. Join #TeamChallenge & raise money for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s
  19. Try 30 new foods
  20. Go through my clothes that don’t fit/don’t wear once a month & donate to local charity
  21. Learn how to actually cook
  22. Embrace Obamacare & achieve excellent health
  23. Place myself in more “social situations”
  24. Read 1 intelligent novel per month
  25. Discover local “stay-cations” (Being that I am so lucky to live in the amazing state of California)
  26. See at least 4 plays
  27. Spend the evening on the Queen Mary
  28. Take a photography class
  29. Be a more open and accepting person
  30. Take trapeze classes

I would love it if you too would link up and join Tara and I by sharing your goals and resolutions.

Once your fingers start typing your goals/resolutions, remember that it’s all happening and it’s real!

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