Week 21 Marathon Training Recap

Not too much to report on my past week’s training as I have been too sick to run. I am finally starting to feel better and I have a plan for the week to come to help me get back on track. With only 6 short weeks till race day I am really feeling the crunch and hope that I am not too far behind. Unfortunately my health has gotten in the way of my goals, but I really want to earn my mouse ear stick with 39.3 milage! I am not waiving the white flag just yet.


QOTD: Has health impacted your race goals? How have you dealt with this type of issue?

2 thoughts on “Week 21 Marathon Training Recap

  1. HUGS!! I have had two bad Halfs this year because of colds, but I finished em! I have missed a few short runs in the last 21 weeks as well, but no long runs (at least not due to sickness, I shortened a few to run Halfs). I am not sure i am ready either, but I will go out there, run as much as I can, and walk the rest! Of course, I am not going Goofy, I am running the 5K and the Full!

    • It’s never fun racing and being sick! I am hoping to get it out of the way now! Best of luck to you at the 5K and Full!!

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