What the Friday…13 Races in 13 Months

Happy Friday! As the year is quickly dwindling down I have been doing a lot and I mean a lot of reflecting! A lot of people have asked me for tips and suggestions as to how to successfully run 13 races in 13 months. Are you already looking ahead for 2013 and thinking that you would like to run 13 half marathons in 13 months? Here is how I successfully ran 13 half marathons in 13 months.

    1. Keep it Local…For obvious financial reasons keeping your races semi-local is key. For the most part try to participate in races that do not require over night hotel stays.
    2. Distance…Determine how far you are willing to drive to a  race and start exploring those cities. I had a limit of 3 hours from my house.
    3. Support System…Recruit friends and family to support you on this journey. It is a very long road and at times can feel like an endless goal. Make sure to bring at least one “cheerleader” to each race.
    4. Races…Plan your races out ahead of time, but do not pay for the all at once as schedules and plans can change at a moments notice.
    5. Race Financial Aid…If funds are tight reach out to local races asking for financial support and reduced race entry fees. Races love hearing about runners with major goals.
    6. Training…Stick to your training plan. Training in between races is equally important.
    7. Join a Group…Having a local support system and group that you can run with in between races will keep your feet hitting the pavement and keep you motivated.
    8. Accountability…Determine how you will stay accountable during this challenge. I created, which I hope that you are enjoying, 13 Going on Crazy, to help keep my head in the game.
    9. Journal…Keep track of miles and training. Join sites such as www.dailymile.com to record your runs and races.
    10. Rejuvenation…When planning out your race schedule be sure to allow enough time in between races. Though it did not always happen I tried to allow at least 2 weeks between each race.
    11. Runner’s Go Bag…Be an organized runner and have all your gear organized and ready to go at a moments notice. Here are tips on being an Organized Runner and Rain Readiness...
    12. Enjoy the Journey…It’s tough doing one race let alone 13. At each race look for something new and different to signify the glory of each race and accomplishment. I was so excited to discover a frog statue at one of my races. The hills at some races although at the time feel murderous on the other hand the views were simply breath taking.
    13. Celebration…Pick a fun activity to celebrate after running in each race. It could be as small as going out for a nice brunch after the race or something really big like going to DISNEYLAND!!

If this sounds like fun and a goal for 2013 sign up on 13 Going on Crazy. Add your name to the “NOTE” and be sure to keep checking back keeping 13 Going on Crazy up to speed on your progress!!

  QOTD: So are you in? Are you going to run 13 races in 13 months?

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    • Absolutely! Please share these tips and tricks! If you need any other suggestions or guidance please feel free to reach out to me! 🙂

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