What the Friday…Running at Last…A Guest Post

Hey everyone! Elizabeth from Mommy Weigh Less is guest posting for me today, tell you about when you she realized that YES she is  a runner! Maybe you too will realize that YES you are a runner too! Be sure to check out her blog and show some love!

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I have never been what I would consider a runner. To me a runner is someone that jumps out of bed and thinks to themselves “I live and breathe running!”. Okay so maybe I do that now. But 6 months ago…not a chance!
Even when I was younger I dreaded running. Avoided it like the plague. Why you ask? I did not know how. You would think something like that comes natural to people, but not me. It may have in a life or death situation but that was it. When I was in high school and they announced the National Fitness Test I would cringe. That meant I had to do that darn mile. I always walked it…always. I had no gumption to run it. I did not care if I fit in some high school athletic group. Psh! Besides who are they to tell me if I am average or not?
What I failed to realize it how important running is to our cardiovascular health. It helps to lower the chances of heart disease, and refreshes the blood to all our important parts. It also helps lower your chances of blood pressure issues. All of the above I am predisposed to. Thanks Mom and Dad! When I realized that I was obese and in serious need of a life style overhaul, I figured I would try my hand at running.
I hated it.
But I tried again. Practice makes perfect, right? RIGHT!
I started slow. Jogging for a few seconds in between minutes of walking.My legs screamed, my chest heaved, my head hurt, but I felt like a million bucks because I knew I was doing my best to improve my health. Then when a new month rolled around I set a goal. I was going to run a 5k race. Me…the girl that hated running with a passion…now loved it with an even greater passion! Who would have thought it? I had six weeks to prepare for my first race. I pushed myself harder than I ever had, and surprisingly my weight dropped like crazy. So did my blood pressure. I did hours of training in the gym, and around my neighborhood.
Then the day came and I completed my first race in 38:17. When I started I could not run for 30 seconds straight. And I ran a 5k. Do you have any idea what that does to a gals self esteem? Let’s just say I am a lot more competitive!
I researched what is considered an average time for completing a mile for a woman my age and it is 10:00 minutes. I am at a 12:00 minute mile now. I will get that 10:00 mark. I actually want to do it in 9 or less. But that is a goal for the distant future. My takeaway from this is do not underestimate yourself. Even if you think you cannot do something or even if you just hate it…try and try again!

QOTD: Have you accomplished something that you thought you could never accomplish?


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