Week 23 Marathon Training

The holiday season is definitely upon us and it is out in full force! I absolutely this time of year and I am going to try and soak as much of the holiday cheer as I can. For the past week I have been visiting a very dear friend in Boston, don’t worry pictures and recap are coming soon! This past week of workouts was interesting and my lungs were not used to the cold arctic air! They seemed to be screaming “it’s cold!” Due to the cold and GI issues my workouts felt slightly off this week. Despite feeling a little off I am still very proud of my week’s worth of workouts as it really took a lot of layers and effort to get outside and run in the cold!

Sunday: 5 miles run/walk in Boston

Monday: 1 mile run & 20 minute bike ride

Tuesday: 5 miles run/walk in Lexington

Wednesday: rest

Thursday:  sightseeing in Salem

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 9 mile run/walk in Boston (Intended on running 19, but my GI issues had other ideas! Thank you Boston PD for your very warm & clean bathroom! And a special thanks to my running buddy for being supportive & understanding!!)

QOTD: How are you workouts going during the holiday season?

One thought on “Week 23 Marathon Training

  1. Glad you’re having a nice visit in Boston, but cold arctic air? This isn’t cold in Boston! A bit on the chilly side sometimes, sure, but this isn’t cold. I didn’t go running on Sunday – too many other obligations – but I thought the weather on Saturday wasn’t too bad. A bit misty, but I still got 4.25 miles in while my daughter was at her practice.

    Sorry you had some GI troubles. Hope you’re feeling better.

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