WTF…Is America is Broken?

Why do I get the strong feeling that America as a whole is a failed experiment? And it’s only a matter of time before other people catch on. Here on some other shocking numbers…UK Slavery Abolition Act 1833 it took the USA till April 8, 1864. First female Prime Minister, Margaret Hilda Thatcher and in the US women are still waiting. In 1997 the UK passed one of the strictest gun control laws and the US we are still waiting. My question is WTF? How can we make our country safer? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

If Now Now, When?

Perhaps our government needs to reflect on the wise words of Thomas Jefferson and determine if the second amendment needs to be amended to fit in the twenty-first century.


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3 thoughts on “WTF…Is America is Broken?

  1. I think indicating that gun ownership is THE reason America is “broken” is misleading and simplified. Could it be part of the problem? Sure. But I think there is SO much more involved. We have a country where access to mental health care and early detection is difficult. We have a country that perpetuates violence on the movie screen and in video games. We have politicians who push political agendas over the common good. There is no one single answer that is going to fix the problem. Evil begets evil and it’s a worldwide problem. If you take away all the guns they will use knives like the attack at an elementary school in China last week or explosives like the Tube bombings in London. We have to look deep into our world culture to really determine what it is that causes people to commit these horrific crimes and try to stop it there. However, this is a complex and convoluted problem with no simple solution which makes it that much more difficult to comprehend when tragedy strikes.

  2. It’s scary stuff. As a non-American, I naturally have a completely different perspective on all of it, and I’m thinking of all of you write now. Poignant post, Melissa.

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