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At this point of my Goofy training I am not exactaly where I would like it to be, due to GI setbacks. I recently discovered that a new piece of amazing run gear is just what I needed to be inspired and motivated to slip my running shoes and hit the pavement. Without my further ado…my new skydiver/egret CamelBak Marathoner Vest!

Camelbak front

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this pack! I am one of those runners who really dislikes having to hold anything and I mean anything. Especially on a long run it is really important to be hydrated and mapping out a running route with hydration stops is simply illogical. I have tried fuel belts, hand held water bottles, and even stashing water bottles along my route, but  they never seems to work. CamelBak packs have always been my tried and true favorite for long training days over the years. So it was no surprise that when I received The Marathoner Vest I instantly feel in love! It is simply AMAZING!


Reasons why I love the Marathoner Vest:

  1. This vest stays in place and I immediately forgot that I even had it on.
  2. Drinking water is a snap with the Big Bite mouthpiece and the tube stays in place with the tube clips on the strap of the vest.
  3. It has a whistle! How cool is that! Though I learned to only use it case of any emergency or to alert my running friend that I am taking a walk break!
  4. A huge 70-oz reservoir in the main compartment and there are two bottle holsters on the front of the vest that can each accommodate a standard 20- to 24-oz bottle. These holsters can double as extra pockets to store extra running fuel and your smart phone.
  5. Lots and I mean lot’s of pockets, that are easily accessible while running.
  6. Very lightweight! Weighing in at 12.7 oz.

QOTD: How do you stay hydrated on your long runs?

5 thoughts on “Camelbak Product Review…

  1. I love this!!! I need to get one fast– the water fountains shut off early november and this looks amazing– I hate belts as they are bulky!! In the summer I always have to plan long runs around water fountains… Must put this on my TO BUY list!

  2. Great review! I have run in a camelbak before but it wasn’t specific for running, I think this one would be pretty darn amazing!!!!

    See ya real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are you going to use for Goofy? I am allergic to Dasani so I need something more than my little Lululemon bottle for the full marathon. I thought I saw one that went under running clothes? Does it ride up or move at all when running? Great review.

  4. Thanks for this review! I was just researching these and was glad to hear such a great review from someone I “know” 😀

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