Weekly Recap: January 2013 Week 2

Good morning from the happiest place on earth! It’s race day, take two! Today I will complete the full marathon, needless to say I am more than nervous! I have trained to the best of my abilities and I am going to have to rely on that to get me to the finish line. I am having a blast in Walt Disney World! I could not think of a better way to celebrate my 30th birthday day than in Walt Disney World! Here is a sneak peak of yesterdays events!

Half Marathon 2013


The half marathon was hot and humid, but I did it! One race down, one to go!

Here is what the past week looked like for me!

Sunday: rest

Monday: bike 30 minutes

Tuesday: stationary bike 30 minutes

Wednesday: travel day!!

Thursday: walk around Walt Disney World and Expo

Friday: walk around Walt Disney World

Saturday: 13.1 mile half marathon

I have done my best to take it really easy during this past week as I did not want to be too sore or tired for both races!

QOTD: How easy do you take it the week prior to a racecation?

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