WDW Marathon Weekend 2013…Expo

It has been almost a week and a half since I completed the Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. I am simply having a difficult time wrapping my brain around completing such a feat. I have been dreaming of RunDisney’s Goofy Race and a Half Challenge since March of 2012, when Bob Hitchcock described what was in store for the 20th Mickey Marathon! After a lot of thought, consideration, and debate I finally had the courage to sign up, at times I even questioned if I was Goofy.

Traveling across country, at least west to east is an all day activity, despite the expo not opening until Thursday which is why I left Los Angeles on Wednesday. I love traveling to Walt Disney World as soon you land you are swept up by Disney transportation, AKA Magical Express, and within a blink of an eye you are in the Disney Bubble.

Loading my mom's scooter on the Magical Express!

Loading my mom’s scooter on the Magical Express!

I  arrived with just enough time to make it to The Brown Derby for a dinner. I must admit that it was quite ironic that I left “real” ‘Hollywood to visit Walt Disney’s creation and envision of old Hollywood. Despite the park closing early I am very happy that I was able to see the beautiful Christmas lights as it was the last night that they were up.


Being that it was so late in the day the park was closed by the time dinner finished. Knowing full well that the following day was the expo, I gladly returned to my hotel and mapped out my expo game plan.

Thursday could not come fast enough. The day had finally arrived and I was able to pick up my bib. Being in the Disney bubble that I was in picking up my bib was easy. All I did was climb aboard the race weekend transportation bus!


I enjoy going to expos almost as much as I love the actual races. I was totally stoked when I was even able to shop for my friend, the voice behind The Great Shakeup, who was in the air while I was shopping for her!


When I arrived my first stop was the KT Tape booth knowing full well how important it was to be properly taped for both races. The next stop was the Disney official merchandise. Way too many cute options! Needless to say I was all set with new running tops and even a new RunDisney jacket!


The next stop was to visit the New Balance booth where I was lucky enough to score a pair of the new official running shoe of runDisney.  Mickey and Minnie themed runDisney shoes of course! My mom literally flipped over these shoes as she not once, but twice got flipped off the bench as she tried them on!


As usual runDisney hosted an amazing expo and I had a great time seeing friends, shopping, picking up my bib, and official merchandise!

QOTD: What is your favorite part about going to a race expo?

7 thoughts on “WDW Marathon Weekend 2013…Expo

  1. How Awesome!!! Good for you….
    I love all the giveaways at the expo’s. I typically go there & eat my way through :).
    I tend to stay away from the crowded booths though! Love going with an empty bag &filling up that baby!

  2. For Disney races, my favorite part is the merchandise booth! Otherwise, I like just strolling around and seeing all of the new stuff.

    I’m jealous of your new shoes. I didn’t even know those were available until I started reading race recaps after Marathon weekend was over!

    • Absolutely I got it in! It is a Labor Day tradition to run in the Disneyland Half Marathon, I would not miss out on an inaugural race! Will I be seeing you there?

      • I got in for the Half Marathon only. The Double Dumbo was sold out. I should have registered when we were up at the Expo for the Goofy Challenge. (We were the group sitting next to you on the plane and the shuttle to the Swan hotel.) So yeah, we will see you there. My whole group got in for the Disney Half Marathon only.

        • I remember you George! Say hi to Armando! That was beyond funny, same plane, same hotel, and even the same floor at the hotel! Looking forward to seeing you Labor Day!

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