2013 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Race Recap

On Saturday I was woken up by The Lumineers singing Ho Hey, maybe not the most appropriate song at 3:00 am, but it was race day and I was running runDisney’s half marathon! The first part of Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, the The Florida Project as I like to call it! I quickly jumped out of bed as I was beyond excited to get ready for the race. Being that this was Donald’s race, my friend and I decided to run dressed as Donald Duck!

Donald Duck!!

I knew that I needed to shake a tail and get to the lobby quickly as I was meeting my friends dad, who was running his first half marathon. My friend purchased the race retreat so she was meeting us outside the retreat tent. Despite not being hungry, being that it was the middle of the night, I forced myself to eat a banana. In my left coast brain it was really 1:00 am, definitely not the time to be running nor functioning like a sane person, but this was The Florida Project after all and I was going Goofy! I had heard the rumors that the lines to get on the buses we huge. Thankfully there was not a line and my friends dad and I hopped right on. I have no idea why there was no line. The Beach Club and Boardwalk had a line at least a mile long! It was very nice of the hotel to also provide bottled water, power aide, bananas, and bagels.


Luckily it was very easy to find my friend and we started taking pictures together almost immediately. I’m not too sure what happened with this picture, I actually kind of like it. I think that our light up tutus had something to do with it coming out funky. We even had time to take a picture with our running group Pacebook Running Club, where Bri and I first met. Notice how even at 3:30 in the morning Bri and I can’t stop talking! (Look for the two ducks on the left!)


After saying our hellos, goodbyes, and good lucks to our PBRC friends we headed to the corrals. I had forgoten about the cattle herding that happens along the narrow road leading to the corrals. I kinda felt like a cow being sent to slaughter though I was dressed as a duck!

Heading to the corrals

Before we knew it the fireworks went off and the beginning of our racing adventure had begun. It was pretty crowed at the start and the miles flew by for us as we did not stop chatting. Wanting to save ourselves for Goofy we decided to take it slow and decided that a run and walk rotation was our best bet. We were going to enjoy each and every mile. With that being our goal we knew that lots and lots of pictures were to be taken. Before we knew we were well on our way to the Magic Kingdom!On our way to MKGTogether we made a few more turns and in the distance I could see Main Street and the beautifully decorated castle. The sight of the castle and having the opportunity to run down Main Street makes all of the miles and hard work worth it. I love seeing the street of Main Street flooded with screaming fans looking for runners. Despite being simply lifted by this energy I tried to take it slow and simply live in the moment.

Middle of Main Street USA

As we were turning off Main Street we decided to stop for more pictures. I simply love this picture!

Castle stop

Our running journey routed us into Tomorrowland where we were greeted by Buzz Lightyear! To infinity and beyond!

Buzz Lighyear

We continued running through Tomorrowland and into Fantasyland. Some of the lines for character photos were SO LONG, that we decided to keep running. One such charecter we did not mind waiting in line for, while we were waiting trumpeters played on the castle balcony!

Donald Duck

After meeting with Donald we turned towards the castle and ran through it. Another reason why running through the Magic Kingdom is my favorite part of the course.

CastleWe continued running through Magic Kingdom and took one last picture before we were on the road to the Grand Floridian.

All aboard!

Who could resist the opportunity to take a picture with Mary Poppins and Bert!

Mary PoppinsAfter we said our goodbyes to Mary Poppins and Bert we knew that we were well on way to completing the first part of Goofy! We were headed towards Epcot! With less than 5 miles left I simply could not wait to see Spaceship Earth and be able to run through World Showcase and Future World.

Into Epcot

As we approached the finish line, all I felt was pure joy. We did it! I had made through a third of the Goofy challenge without injuries and a smile on my face. I truly love this sport and am grateful that I am healthy and strong enough to participate! As another medal was placed around my neck by the amazing volunteers, all I could think about was I did it, race number 20 was in the books!

Team Donald

QOTD: What is your favorite part about the course? If you did not participate in this race what would you like to see along the course?

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