Pacebook Running Club Meet-Up WDW 2013

Those that know me would laugh at me if I was to say that I was shy, but I am typically reluctant to participant in meet-up type situations especially when I don’t know the group of people. Which is why I  am beyond grateful that my running buddy, the voice of The Great Shake Up, Briana gave me that push that I needed to attend the Pacebook Running Club meet up at the Beach Club during WDW Marathon Weekend. After chatting and building connections online, it was an amazing experience to meet my online motivating running buddies. We built each other up during the course of the year. We understood each other when nobody else would understand our running madness. We gave each other support and words of advice to help each other log those miles. So, it was not a surprise that I when I finally meet the runners from Pacebook Running Club, that immediate connections were made. What an awesome group! Thank you PBRC you added so many more memories to my first WDW Marathon Weekend.

Check out Pacebook Running Club on facebook and you too will see what an AMAZING group of runners they are!

PBRC Meet Up 2013

QOTD: How has a meet up group changed your life?

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