Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013 Race Recap Part 2

I left off part one of Tinker Bell Half Marathon with me at the finish line celebrating my most recent accomplishment. After the fun and excitement of the race was over, it was time to celebrate with medals! Somehow Mickey knew that I was disappointed that I did not get to take my picture with him at the finish line. He was waiting for me in the hotel lobby of Paradise Pier where I was grabbing a quick gluten free bagel and lox before I took an ice bath and a shower. After refueling and my shower, I was ready to hit the parks!Mickey and I

One of the many reasons I love RunDisney races, the celebrating goes beyond just the finish line and into the rest of the day and night. Sometimes even day’s depending on how long you are staying at Disney. My celebrating always tends to last a little longer when I run races in Walt Disney World.

While in Walt Disney World the previous weekend I discovered how much fun it was to run around the park looking for characters so I could take pictures with them and my medals. I decided that I wanted to start off my celebrating doing the same as the previous weekend. The first and most logical place to start with pictures is in the hub in front of the Partners Statue in front of the castle.

I wonder what Goofy is thinking!

I wonder what Goofy is thinking!

Under normal circumstances I would not have brought all of my medals to Disneyland, but considering that I just completed Goofy the weekend prior and I completed my Coast to Coast Challenge with Tinker Bell I had a lot of medals to show off!Castle and medals

This is as close I could get to taking a picture with Walt Disney! I think that he would have been proud of all of the runners accomplishing their dreams that day. After taking a lot of pictures in front of the castle and around the hub I decided that it was time to head over to Pixie Hollow. Being that I had just completed the Tinker Bell Half Marathon I had to pay my respects to Tinker Bell and say hello. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle

To my surprise when I arrived at Pixie Hollow I not only was able to visit with Tinker Bell, but I was also able to show Periwinkle my medals as well. Until recently I did not know that Tinker Bell and Periwinkle were twin sisters! They both informed me that my medals were created from the most special form of pixie dust! After meeting with Tinker Bell I headed to  Mickey’s house in Toontown as he was the last character that I wanted to visit with.

Mickey and I

In a blink of an eye the day was over and as I headed out of the park still on fire from this two week whirlwind, I walked out of the gates grinning from mouse ear to mouse ear, as I was beyond elated and I knew I could not wait for Labor Day’s Dumbo Double Dare!


QOTD: What is your favorite part about celebrating in Disney?


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