Valentine’s Day Virtual Run to benefit Crohn’s and Colitis

I recently joined Team Challenge to  raise awareness, education, and to hopefully one day find a cure. I am fundraising with Team Challenge for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.  My goal is to raise $2,940 by April 22nd, 2013.  To do this, I am holding 13 Going on Crazy’s first virtual race! It is very easy to participate, you get to choose your distance and when you complete the race, though I hope that you do it on Valentines Day!  Some of us are training for half marathons,  others full marathons, and some of us run a few miles at a time, in my book a mile is a mile! You should be proud of any distance!


Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Virtual run!  February is the month of love, why not register to run with someone you love–a significant other, a friend, your child–anyone that holds a special place in your heart.  As a thank you, I will send each person who registers a finishers medal!  No proof of time is necessary, I am a strong believer in the honor system!  The event is less about your time or distance, but getting moving with people you love!


To register, visit my Team Challenge Donation Page

To register one person: Donate $25

To register two people: Donate $40

To register three people: Donate $55

To register four people: Donate $65

All funds go directly to the  Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America to raise awareness, education, and to hopefully one day find a cure.  Thank you very much for you support!

Please send pictures of you at your race and they will be featured on 13 Going on Crazy! To send a picture and if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at

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