Running for a Great Cause Team Challenge…A Guest Post

Recently I joined Team Challenge to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. In my efforts to do such I decided that hosting a Valentines Day’s Virtual Race would be a lot of fun. The response has been amazing and I am excited by how many people have participated. Crohn’s and Colitis affects more people than we realize as it is often a hidden disease. Louise Cunningham, the voice behind Runner’s Ramblings, also believes in the organization and wanted to share her Valentines Day Virtual Race experience.
Today I set out to run a virtual race to help raise money for Team Challenge, which is a fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. My daughter’s life has been touched by this disease and thus raising money to find a cure is very dear to my heart.
It was 41* out.. nice! (For a Maine winter anyway…) Blue sky, with hardly any wind. I set out to run a 5K, but decided I would do a 5miler instead. I havent been able to run my usual in-town route since last fall, so I have been anxious to go back there. The snow is pretty much gone from the sides of the roads, so it’s clear to run finally. We had 2 feet of snow last week, but a lot of it has melted so it is now safe to run as long as you watch out for icy spots.
I love to run with a purpose. Normally my running is just for me, just for fun, but today I was running to honor my daughter Catherine. I can’t say enough what a blessing she is to our family, as is my son Luke. I have been very lucky as a parent, that I have two loving, caring kids. It’s just so sad that Catherine has a daily struggle on her hands with the Crohn’s and the medication side effects. Cath is such a strong person… when she’s in the hospital and they have to take blood, or she has to undergo  numerous tests, she never bats an eye. She is so tough, much tougher than I am!

After my run, I stopped at a neighbor’s house to have him get a picture. This is Sadie, and I hope to get her to accompany me this summer when running in the city forest.

Melissa, Thank you again for raising awareness and sponsoring such a wonderful event!

There is still time to participate in the Valentines Day’s Virtual Race! Click to find out how you can participate!

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