Losing and Find Myself

Is it a little cliche’ to say that running has saved my life?  I know that I have been a little distracted these past few weeks, lately I have been feeling as though I have been drowning on dry land. A few years ago my whole world was turned upside down and I don’t feel that it has been turned right side up ever since. Perhaps it never will be and this is the new normal. Possibly even a better normal.

My one saving grace has been running, especially half marathons and most recently a full marathon. Regardless of how many races I have participated in my journey as a runner, I view each race as a new experience, a new opportunity to learn about who I am as a runner. What works and what does not work. What needs to be improved and what needs to remain the same. For the two and a half to three hours which I am not connected to the outside world is oddly the time in my life when I feel the most connected. Suddenly I am eyes wide open. My senses are heightened. I can feel my lungs take in every breath and cautiously release them again to the world.

Working on a Dream

Not to sound like our good friend, Mr. Armstrong, but I can hear the passion of birds signing, I can feel the sharp rays of the sun on my back. This is the time that I feel blessed to be able to experience such a feat. No cars or wheels are needed as a mean to transport me to such an exhilarating experience. I am stripped down, raw, and left with only the sheer will to succeed. All that could guide me through such an experience is knowing that I have 2 legs that could take me anywhere and the confidence in  my abilities.

If you would have told me last year at this time that I would finally face my fear of running beyond 39.3 miles, I would have said “SERIOUSLY”?! I learned to seize the day today. This is the one I have been waiting for. Don’t back down from the intensity of the day, for I have the power now to get a leg-up in my journey toward whatever it is I wish to accomplish in this lifetime. That was exactly how I felt  when I laced up my running and decided to go to the start line for my first full marathon

I am learning, but I need to discover more ways to transfer this sense of self confidence into other aspects of my life. And this is why I can say that running did save my life. Regardless of how many races I have participated in or how many medals have been placed around my neck, it as though I am reborn each and every time. Running is a spiritual reawakening.

QOTD: What has running taught you that you are able to use in your everyday life?

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  1. It’s definitely awesome to hear about other people finding themselves through fitness. I know lifting has saved my life, both physically and mentally. Beautiful post!

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